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Sell our discount plans as a Munroe Sutton broker.

At Munroe Sutton, we have diverse and unique products to accommodate all your clients, including individuals, employers and more. We also provide the tools you need to assist your clients and recommend our discount plans with confidence. Don't be bothered by the details, as Munroe Sutton manages the entire administration process for you, from establishing bespoke group plans to maintaining customer care, delivering attractive solutions to your clients and administering commission payments with multiple tiers.

Broker Advantages

  • Customised development of landing pages available for easy enrolment
  • Corporate pay, salary sacrifice and direct payment options
  • Ongoing, fixed level of commissions while clients are on the plan
  • Flexible billing options
  • Exceptional customer care
  • Professional language line services with more than 250 languages
  • Simplified administration process
  • Educational resources from Munroe Sutton
  • Customised print and digital marketing materials

Client Advantages

  • Affordable, low membership fees
  • Practitioners located all across the UK
  • Can work with insurance and cash plans
  • Great flexibility in pricing
  • Employee groups of all sizes
  • Unlimited usage of our discount plans
  • Everyone is accepted, no exclusions for pre-existing conditions
  • All family members are eligible
  • No claim forms, and no waiting to be eligible for our discounts

Employee Benefits Consultants

Munroe Sutton works directly with employee benefits consultants (EBCs), as our plans work well with private medical insurance and cash plans. If you are an EBC, click the button below.


Provide added value and new cash flow for trade unions and associations.

Munroe Sutton can create bespoke plans for your diverse clients and customers, and can help them afford private dental, wellness and other products and services. Whether your objective is to help organisations recruit new members or to retain current members, our discount plans give those members another reason to join and stay.

Bespoke Product Packages

Using our industry-leading products, Munroe Sutton can create bespoke plans for trade unions or associations to build upon their brand affinity and help them incorporate affordable private dental, wellness and other products and services.

It's simple, flexible and affordable, so trade unions or associations can pick the benefits they want and need, and members can include their families, too.

Member Benefits and New Revenue

Trade unions and associations can incorporate either our added value option or our white-label retail offering. When used as an added value, our plans help recruit and retain membership for trade unions and associations.

Our plans and products can include a revenue share model as a retail offering to members. No matter which option your trade union and association clients choose, you can confidently sell Munroe Sutton knowing we provide bespoke administration.

To learn more about our discount plan options for trade unions or associations, call us on 0808 234 3558. If you are ready to become a broker today, click below to complete our broker form.


Ready to become a Munroe Sutton broker?

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  2. We provide you with the information to sell Munroe Sutton.
  3. We provide all administration support.
  4. You get paid renewable commissions.


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