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Overview of Munroe Sutton for Dentists

Many people avoid visiting the dentist because of the expenses, but Munroe Sutton's discount plans offer a more affordable option. Building on the expertise of Careington International Corporation, Munroe Sutton has created the first independently owned Direct Reimbursement dental network in the UK.

Our carefully designed discounts offer savings to our members, which will enhance your patient base and increase patient treatment acceptance rates. We are committed to generating new private patients for our participating dental practices.

Advantages of Joining a Munroe Sutton Network

Munroe Sutton Dentists: A new way to attract patients

A new way to attract patients

Munroe Sutton Dentists: No cost to join

No cost to join

Munroe Sutton Dentists: Increased treatment acceptance rates

Increased treatment acceptance rates

Munroe Sutton Dentists: Team of support professionals

Team of support professionals

Munroe Sutton Dentists: Promotion of practice via online practitioner tool

Promotion of practice via online dentist finder tool

Integrate one or more of Munroe Sutton's dental networks.

Healthy Discounts Network

Increase new private patient flow and cash pay patients by providing a 20% discount on dental treatment.

Private Direct Reimbursement Network

Claims are paid directly to the dentist, rather than the member. Treatment is discounted 20% off the dentist private fees.

National Fees Direct Reimbursement Network

Our National Fees Direct Reimbursement network provides patients with a cashless NHS experience when they visit a participating dentist.

Fixed Fee Network

Dentists charge patients according to Munroe Sutton's fixed fee schedule. Contact us to see the fixed fee schedule for your area.

Let Munroe Sutton help you promote your dental practice.

How does Munroe Sutton promote my practice?

We market your dental practice to patients through some of the world's largest financial, healthcare and insurance institutions. Other opportunities include employee groups, local trade unions and associations that offer the Munroe Sutton dental plan.

Learn more about how Munroe Sutton can boost your patient volume and loyalty.

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