Frequently Asked Questions

What is the cost to be a part of Munroe Sutton?

There are no expenses for the dentist or practice. The members and insurers pay to have the plans, and they save the 20% on treatments.

Is there any obligation or contract stipulating I cannot cancel?

You may cancel at any time for any reason by submitting a written request that will take 30 days to process.

Do all practitioners in the practice need to join?

Munroe Sutton does not require all dentists to be part of the preferred listing. However, only dentists listed will be able to treat patients on our plans.

May we list just the practice, or does it have to be by practitioner?

Practitioners are required to be listed in addition to the practice.

How does the member locate a practice that is listed with Munroe Sutton?

They will see your practice and other dentists who are in our networks via a practitioner search tool or a printed practitioner listing, or by contacting our Munroe Sutton Customer Care Team.

How will Munroe Sutton keep me informed?

You can enrol in our monthly newsletter to stay informed, and we will keep you updated on which insurers and plans are being administered by ourselves. If you have any queries, contact the Munroe Sutton Customer Care Team 0808 234 3558.