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Grow your business through Munroe Sutton's Dental Network

Are you looking to grow your dental practice? One of the most efficient ways to do so is by joining our dental network.

We have a proven track record of establishing networks that attract more patients to your practice.

About Munroe Sutton

We are the UK business of American health benefits provider Careington International Corporation. Established in 1979, Careington has grown to become one of the largest dental networks in the USA and provides affordable dental healthcare solutions to over ten million members.

We are using our knowledge and expertise in the USA to grow our dental network in the UK.

What is a Dental Network?

It's a way of attracting new patients to your practice. Dental care can be expensive in the UK. Many potential patients would like to choose private healthcare but not everyone can afford it.

Dentists in our network offer high quality care at a big discount to members of our Healthy Discounts plan. In turn, members of our Healthy Discounts plan can only access our discounts on dental care through a dentist registered to our network.

How it works

  • You join our dental network.
  • We help signpost members of our Healthy Discounts Plan to your dental practice.
  • Members are covered as soon as they join for any new or pre-existing conditions.
  • Members get a discount for treatments at the time they are treated.
  • Our discount vouchers can be used as a stand-alone benefit or in conjunction with other PMI benefits to further lower the cost of care.

The benefits to dentists

  • We signpost new patients to you.
  • Increases the value of your existing business proposition
  • No cumbersome paperwork. Discounts are applied to a patient's bill at the time of treatment. Direct reimbursement at the point of treatment makes the claims process easier and quicker for everyone.

The benefits to your patients

  • Your patients get easy access to private dental care without the need to take out health insurance.
  • Patients save money on a wide range of dental work including cosmetic procedures with up to a 20% discount.
  • Discounts can extend to treatment for family members, too.
  • No exclusions for previous conditions
  • Direct reimbursement at the point of treatment makes the claims process easier and quicker.